Planning for Growth

TCDC needs your feedback on their Thames and Surrounds Spatial Plan and their Shoreline Management Plans.

Council has two significant pieces of work underway to help them plan for thriving and resilient communities over the next 30 plus years.

These projects will answer some big questions:

Where should our new homes be built?

What infrastructure should we pay for?

How do we protect ourselves from the impacts of sea level rise?

They need your input now to help them answer these questions – there are public meetings coming up.

Shoreline Management Plans
Public feedback is now open online. You can use the SMP Feedback Tool to tell TCDC what they should be doing to protect and manage your specific stretch of coastline. The project covers our entire district, with areas at higher short-term risk identified in Thames and Surrounds and Mercury Bay. 

Click HERE for further information and supporting documents. If you would prefer to simply email TCDC, send your thoughts to  [email protected].

Thames & Surrounds Spatial Plan

TCDC’s Thames and Surrounds Spatial Plan is now launching as Your Thames, Tomorrow.

Community feedback at this stage in the project will help TCDC plan for future prosperity, identify areas for growth and change, and support the aspirations of iwi.

Ways TCDC will be getting in touch to hear from you: 

  • An online survey is now available here
  • TCDC will host an online meeting so you can chat to them from your home
  • They’ll send letters to property owners within the Thames ward 
  • They’ll be hosting public meetings as follows: 

Monday 6 December: Thames Golf Club

Wednesday 8 December: Thames Civic Centre

Thursday 9 December: Kauaeranga Hall

For all public meetings – drop in for a chat from 4pm. Presentation starts at 6pm with questions and discussion until 7.30pm.

Monday 13 December: online meeting open to all. Click HERE to join the meeting.

If you’re unable to provide your feedback online or through the drop-in sessions, you can also contact project lead Mitch King directly on [email protected]