TCDC confirms budget for investigating alternative supply

As we get closer to summer and the hot weather kicks in, many of our members are anxiously looking at long-range weather forecasts and asking if our water supplies are going to cope in the event of another drought.

We are awaiting an update on the application by TCDC for a consent to take higher volumes of water from the Whangamororo River (our only water supply) and will keep you posted as we learn more.

TCDC has confirmed a budget of $150,000 as part of the LTP signed off in June.

This money will be used to conduct a detailed investigation of what options we have for providing additional or alternative water supplies for Whitianga. Our WRRA water Action Committee remains involved in this project and we will be eagerly anticipating the results of these investigations.

The longer-term problem remains, however, that there is still no funding allocated in the LTP for the Whitianga water supply. Early in 2022, the deliberations on our next TCDC Annual Plan will begin. We will keep our members up to date with developments on that.