August 2021 Update

Fantastic news from our partners on the Mercury Bay Resource Recovery Centre Trust (MBRRC). Our Expression of Interest submission to the Ministry for The Environment – Waste Minimisation Fund – has been accepted. The Ministry received 221 eligible expressions of interest, requesting a total of just under $152 million in funding. Unfortunately only $12 million was available in this year’s funding round. MfE have requested that our initial focus go towards recovery of building and demolition materials.

This acceptance means that MBRRC can proceed to a formal application for funding to build our own “Seagull Centre”. The trustees have been working closely with council engineers to ensure that we have the best chance of an efficient traffic flow, resource recovery and minimisation of good product going in the hole.

This is a win on multiple levels, and will ultimately result in reduced landfill costs to ratepayers, jobs for local people, and positive environmental outcomes.

Our Trustee Manus Pretorius is also General Manager of the Thames Seagull Centre, which allows us to learn from the highly successful model that they have developed over the last 16 years.

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