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Our Residents and Ratepayers Association was formed following a public meeting that I called in February 2020 to discuss the drought and water restrictions that were to last a total of 7 months in Whitianga. Following that meeting, we started asking our Mayor and our councillors what they were going to do about the critical lack of water supply for the town.

We were seeing rapid growth in the number of residential dwellings being built. That growth has continued and accelerated as demand for housing has reached crisis levels across the country.

The answer from councillors and from the mayor has been consistent all the way through the drought and remains the same: “We can’t afford to build additional water supply capacity from Whitianga. We don’t have the money. TCDC has a ratepayer base of 30,000 and 9 different areas that will need expensive water infrastructure investment.

In this newsletter, we have included a slideshow presentation discussing the financial implications for our members with and without the Three Waters Reform.”

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