The Thames-Coromandel Food Waste Resource team is calling on TCDC to stop sending food waste to the landfill. They want the new Solid Waste Contract to ensure food waste is transformed into a valuable resource.

This is a once in a decade opportunity to influence the Solid Waste Contract.

Sign the petition to let TCDC know, it’s time to deal with our food waste!

More specifically, they propose TCDC:

Support home-scale food waste solutions.
Subsidise home-scale food waste solutions such as worm farms or compost bins – the cheapest, most effective and educational way to deal with food waste. As has been done in Taupō.

Provide kerbside food waste collection and composting.
Implement a kerbside food waste collection and composting scheme, alongside existing rubbish and recycling schemes – ensuring that those who cannot compost at home have a solution, including food businesses. This is already taking place in Ruapehu, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch, Auckland, Timaru, and more.

Support food businesses’ waste minimisation.
Provide free support (e.g. waste audit and a professional advisor) to businesses committed to reducing food waste – reducing large amounts at the source. As has been done in Taupō.

Deliver an ongoing education campaign.
Develop and deliver an education campaign for households and businesses, including better planning, use of leftovers, sharing excess, composting, etc. – maximising previous initiatives and minimisation.

Adopt ambitious food waste minimisation goals.
Adopt more ambitious waste minimisation goals and allocate funds in the next Long-Term Plan – ensuring sufficient resources are allocated to attain the above initiatives.

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